Easter card

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Noun1.Easter card - a card expressing an Easter greetingEaster card - a card expressing an Easter greeting
greeting card - a card sent to express personal greetings
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Heckmondwike Library is also going to hold a planting session and the children attending will also be able to make an Easter card ready for Easter Sunday.
Hallmark produced its first Easter card in the early 1920s.
The RSPCA wants youngsters to design an Easter card that will encourage MPs to ban battery cages for chickens.
Rita sent an Easter card to McGinn two years ago while he was awaiting trial.
Youngsters can design their own block-print and create a personalised Easter card next Thursday.
She even sent an Easter card to IRA terrorist Bernard McGinn, 40, who was convicted of Stephen's murder.
I promised to keep you posted on the arrival of my parents' Easter card. I didn't dare risk it.
Earlier this year, the animal protection charity appealed to young artists to design an Easter card and slogan to send to Prime Minister Tony Blair to highlight the plight of battery hens.
I also address and mail out a birthday, anniversary, Christmas and Easter card, and when I receive it a few days later, it brings both a tear and a smile to my face.
Sent in by Mrs O Davies of Bangor | Ysgol Gwaenynog pupil Jane Gagie, age 5, wearing an Easter bonnet and holding an Easter card. 1st April 1999.
Children who go along on the day can decorate a boiled egg for rolling, ice their own Easter biscuit and make an Easter card.