Eastern Bloc

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Eastern bloc

(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the Eastern bloc politics (formerly) the Soviet bloc
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Eastern Bloc

The Communist states of eastern Europe, including those of the Balkans. Its strength through cohesion has been weakened politically and economically since 1989.
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Chris Miller (R-Oakland, northeast of Charleston) and most of what's known as the far-right Eastern Bloc were elected for the first time last year.
This special issue calls attention to an emergent body of late twentieth- and early twenty-first-century cultural productions by first-and 1,5-generation US immigrants from nations in the former Eastern Bloc, a Cold War geography dominated by the former Soviet Union.
On a very simple level, the nations of the Eastern bloc had to re-equip their armies, air forces, and their airlines with Western equipment, so how costly and economically damaging was that?
At that time, Yugoslavia and Hungary belonged among the popular holiday destinations for people from Czechoslovakia, whose holiday possibilities were mostly restrained to the Eastern Bloc.
alliance formed by the Soviet Union and its Eastern bloc allies.
America was the leading superpower of the Western bloc of nations while the Soviet Union controlled the Eastern bloc with an iron fist.
Chapters are presented in sections on organization and political practices within the countryside of the Eastern bloc; agrarian reforms and collectivization of agriculture in the Eastern bloc; political instruments for transforming the village; social change and rural mentality; and communist propaganda and representations of the countryside in the official discourse in the Eastern bloc.
1955: Eastern Bloc countries signed the Warsaw Pact.
Any Eastern bloc countries joining the European Union did so of their own free will, unlike Russia who used military force in their conquests, ask Hungary 1956.
The loved-up pair is believed to be staying in Shymbulak in the old Eastern Bloc area of the country.
Those who have been to the old Eastern Bloc cities will know the grey slab-fronted skyscrapers which are architecturally bankrupt.

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