Eastern Time

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stand′ard time`

the civil time officially adopted for a country or region, usu. the civil time of some specific meridian lying within the region, with a difference of exactly one hour between one zone and the next. The standard time zones in the U.S. are Atlantic time, Eastern time, Central time, Mountain time, Pacific time, Alaska time,Hawaii-Aleutian time, and Samoa time.
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Noun1.Eastern Time - standard time in the 5th time zone west of Greenwich, reckoned at the 75th meridian; used in the eastern United States
civil time, local time, standard time - the official time in a local region (adjusted for location around the Earth); established by law or custom
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Eastern Time. This live session on Twitter is an opportunity to get Free Application for Federal Student Aid[R] (FAFSA) questions answered by the experts.
(Eastern Time), USDA will host a webinar, "When the Last Grocery Store Closes --Exploring Cooperative Options." USDA Cooperative Development Specialist Margaret Bau will moderate a discussion with David Proctor of the Rural Grocery Initiative at Kansas State University and Marnie Thompson of the Fund 4 Democratic Communities.
As of 9: 00 a.m., eastern time, on April 11, 2014, holders had tendered notes with an aggregate principal amount of approximately USD618,000.
Eastern time: "Healthy Food Shortage: How Cities Can Use Federal Meals Programs to Reduce Childhood Hunger and Obesity"
The company is likely to accept CVOs for purchase from holders who validly tender them by 1700 Eastern Time, December 15, 2011, and have not withdrawn them.
Game Four will be on Sunday at 3:40 pm eastern time, and will be broadcasted on ABC, and will also take place in Dallas.
March 15: Proposed resolutions, position papers due at APHA headquarters by midnight Eastern time.
to midnight Eastern time or by e-mail at youth@GLBTNationalHelpCenter.org.
Eastern time, a 372-kilogram copper projectile released from NASA's Deep Impact spacecraft slammed into Comet Tempel 1, producing an incandescent flash.
* THE SEC HAS PROPOSED A NEW RULE that generally would require all mutual fund trades to be placed by a "hard 4 p.m." Eastern time deadline.
It doesn't specify the time zone because most of Michigan is on Eastern time. But for four counties bordering Wisconsin, that's a problem.
* Spirit will reach Mars on January 4, 2004, Universal Time (evening of January 3, Pacific and Eastern Time).

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