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1. The easterly component of the distance traveled between two positions.
2. Progress toward the east.
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1. (Nautical Terms) nautical the net distance eastwards made by a vessel moving towards the east
2. (Physical Geography) cartography
a. the distance eastwards of a point from a given meridian indicated by the first half of a map grid reference
b. a longitudinal grid line. Compare northing3
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(ˈi stɪŋ)

1. the distance due east made good on any course tending eastward.
2. a shifting eastward.
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Eastward (that is from left to right) reading of grid values on a map.
Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. US Department of Defense 2005.
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He had, in truth, drunk very little--not a fourth of the quantity which a systematic tippler could carry to church on a Sunday afternoon without a hitch in his eastings of genuflections; but the weakness of Sir John's constitution made mountains of his petty sins in this kind.
It was very tiring and slow work, yet I did visibly gain ground; and as we drew near the Cape of the Woods, though I saw I must infallibly miss that point, I had still made some hundred yards of easting. I was, indeed, close in.
The liquor mounted in the heads of all of us, and the talk of Scotty and the harpooner was upon running the Easting down, gales off the Horn and pamperos off the Plate, lower topsail breezes, southerly busters, North Pacific gales, and of smashed whaleboats in the Arctic ice.
According to the best of his calculations they had made sufficient easting during the past two days to have brought them to a point almost directly north of Fort Dinosaur and as nothing could be gained by retracing their steps along the base of the cliffs he decided to strike due south through the unexplored country between them and the fort.
The numbers around both the top and bottom maps depict the northings and eastings associated with the domain.
Because of the memory limitation of the R software and large amount of time caused by simulating the elevation dataset, the elevation dataset was resampled by taking every one point out of the 10 in the order of eastings. The resampled elevation dataset includes 14 158 measurements (Fig.
Northings and eastings are distance measurements in a Universal Transverse Mercator projection (2-D) commonly used in GPS measurements.
The resultant map allows use of a Euclidean coordinate system with Eastings and Northings instead of geographic coordinates with longitude and latitude.
The X and Y coordinates correspond to eastings and northings respectively.
minor appeared to be spatially clumped, so we added a spatial-autoregressive component (i.e., eastings and northings in the Universal Transverse Mercator coordinate system) to the model.