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credit - money available for a client to borrow
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Global Banking News-August 20, 2015--South Korea central bank head doubts efficacy of easy monetary policy
The Fed says that with continued easy monetary policy, the economy
The combination of muted inflation and mildly better growth should allow easy monetary policy by major central banks to continue in 2015, according to Barclays latest flagship quarterly research publication Global Outlook: A more favorable backdrop for risk assets.
Since its inception in 2008, easy monetary policy has created very few positive effects for the real economy--and has created considerable (and in some cases unforeseen) negative effects as well.
Turkey's large external financing need combined with the prospect of less easy monetary policy from the Fed (US Federal Reserve) will curb capital inflows, also lira negative.
Federal Reserve policymakers last month began laying groundwork for an eventual retreat from easy monetary policy with a discussion of how to best control interest rates as they remove trillions of dollars from the financial system.
This has been grounded in the "Fed watchers" belief that improving economic data is likely to be the catalyst for the withdrawal of easy monetary policy.
Wall Street stocks had risen more than 1% on Bernanke's comments, which supported views that easy monetary policy would remain in place for some time and fanned expectations for more asset purchases by the U.
crude inventories expected to rise in weekly reports; Bernanke comments indicate easy monetary policy to continue
Market players are looking to a news conference by Chairman Ben Bernanke on Wednesday to see how the Federal Reserve plans to seek an exit from its easy monetary policy.
Emerging economies, for their part, have complained that easy monetary policy in advanced economies is leading to capital pouring into their markets.
The RBI will review its current easy monetary policy stance on January 29, although it has said the wholesale price index ( WPI) is quite modest.