Eaves board

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(Arch.) an arris fillet, or a thick board with a feather edge, nailed across the rafters at the eaves of a building, to raise the lower course of slates a little, or to receive the lowest course of tiles; - called also eaves catch and eaves lath.

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Tenders are invited for Repair and renovation of kitchen, bathroom, replacement of roof sheeting, wornout doors and windows in Principal residence, repair of steps and provision of chequrred tiles in prayer block, repair of wornout pavement gallery and provision of kotastone in gallery of playground, repair and replacement of wornout CGI sheet roofing, eaves board and repair and renovation of Boys and Girts toilet in Administrative Block, provision of chequrred tiles and railing in path and external painting and other related miscellaneous works in connection with EMD value : INR 132984 Period of contract : 90 days
plastic seal / separating layer substrate: cold roof chair (wooden formwork), attic: eaves board, fall protection: securants as a load system, plumbing works: all-round attic stucco approx.
Tenders are invited for Repair Of Bath Room Of Sentry Post And Repair Of Gutter, Eaves Board And Other Bath Fittings In Fitzory Villa Shimla in connection with Maintenance and repair To Defence Pool Bunglow Under Bemloe Section Shimla Dg.
Tenders are invited for Proving external MS wire gauged & grilled security doors, replacement of wornout dilapidated roofing Sheets and eaves board, replacement of dilapidated RCC sun shades (with precoated sheets sun shades), replastering of external wornout palstor, painting, upgradation of overhead water storage tanks capcity and repair external plinth pavement & drains etc.
Tenders are invited for Providing External Ms Wire Gauged And Grilled Security Doors Replacement Of Wornout Dilapidated Roofing Sheets And Eaves Board Replacement Of Dilapidated Rcc Sun Shades With Precoated Sheets Sun Shades Replastering Of External Wornout Plaster Painting Upgradation Of Overhead Water Storage Tanks Capacity And Repair To External Plinth Pavement And Drains Etc Of Gpra T Iii Qtrs At Greenwood Court in connection with Upgradation And Aesthetic Improvement To General Pool Residential Building Under Hm Section Dg 2017 18
SH: Provision of cupboard, floor tiles, laminated wooden flooring, chequrred tile along with grating and drams, repair of oW womout CGI sheets, gutters, down pipes, eaves board, doors and windows, worout wooden supporting beams and planks of flooring and other miscellaneous related works EMD value : INR 35463