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intr.v. eaves·dropped, eaves·drop·ping, eaves·drops
1. To listen secretly to the private conversation of others.
2. To gain access to private electronic communications, as through wiretapping or the interception of email or cell phone calls.

[Probably back-formation from eavesdropper, one who eavesdrops, from Middle English evesdropper, from evesdrop, place where water falls from the eaves, from Old English yfesdrype; see upo in Indo-European roots.]

eaves′drop′per n.


nheimliches Lauschen or Horchen; electronic eavesdropping (esp Pol) → Lauschangriff m (→ on auf +acc), → Lauschoperation f(on gegen)
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I suspect that Governor Espenilla was eaves dropping on the conversation but opted to stay silent.
The eaves dropping nodes are not synchronized with one another and no collisions are occurred among them.
Karnataka, March 11 -- The espionage group behind the in famous eaves dropping cartoon malware strikes again.