Ebb and flow

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the alternate ebb and flood of the tide; often used figuratively.

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And meet it is, that over these sea-pastures, wide-rolling watery prairies and Potters' Fields of all four continents, the waves should rise and fall, and ebb and flow unceasingly; for here, millions of mixed shades and shadows, drowned dreams, somnambulisms, reveries; all that we call lives and souls, lie dreaming, dreaming, still; tossing like slumberers in their beds; the ever-rolling waves but made so by their restlessness.
At first sight it appears not a little remarkable that the fresh water should regularly ebb and flow with the tides; and it has even been imagined, that sand has the power of filtering the salt from the sea-water.
Designed and printed by people living in the town who are part of the arts and heritage project Ebb and Flow, it was made after they attended a historical workshop to explore the role the textile industry played in the heritage of the area.
But I do love Doha's cold weather which ebbs and flows with the ebb and flow of the chilly air.
As We Go AS we go and we so come, Life to us is on the run, Our numbers get bigger as we live, To us all is the take and give, Life is like a whirlwind, But around it other things are rimmed, So fast that time just ebbs away, With our thoughts and minds to play, Others join in the game, Some can make it very plain, Never being alone, someone always there, Even if, in apprehension, they do stare, We are all different, given from our past, In a formula of time being cast, In theory I am different from you, But with many things in common to do, To be a soul in the ebb and flow, Constant learning there to know, A spirit of life in many a form, In this of its trials to be known, To bloom in knowledge of what is there, With others around our lives to share.
If the wetlands were functioning properly, bacterial counts would be reduced during ebb tide and that there would be a significant difference between the ebb and flow tide samples, however they were nearly identical.
LOS ANGELES, Jumada I 7, 1434, Mar 19, 2013, SPA -- When NASA's twin spacecraft Ebb and Flow crashed into the moon last year, scientists did not count on seeing the aftermath, AP reported.
ARIZONA (CyHAN)- The new footages of the Moon's surface recorded by Nasa's spacecrafts named Ebb and Flow, three days before their pre-planned lunar crash on December 17, 2012, have been released.
Engineers commanded the twin spacecraft, Ebb and Flow, to fire their engines and burn their remaining fuel.
London, December 18 ( ANI ): NASA's gravity mapping satellites, Ebb and Flow, crashed into the surface of the Moon on Monday, finally ending their science mission.
Ebb and Flow, as the two washing machine-sized probes are called, have been mapping the Moon's gravitational field for more than a year.
The USD and JPY are likely to retain their inverse correlation to stock market performance and the associated ebb and flow of risk appetite.