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Noun1.Ebenaceae - fruit and timber trees of tropical and warm regions including ebony and persimmon
dicot family, magnoliopsid family - family of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination
Ebenales, order Ebenales - trees or shrubs of the families Ebenaceae or Sapotaceae or Styracaceae or Symplocaceae
Diospyros, genus Diospyros - a genus of trees or shrubs that have beautiful and valuable wood
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Families sorted by species richness Familia Especies Generos Fabaceae 14 11 Rubiaceae 5 2 Euphorbiaceae 3 2 Myrtaceae 3 1 Bignoniaceae 3 3 Primulaceae 3 2 Polygonaceae 3 3 Ebenaceae 2 1 Erythroxylaceae 2 1 Salicaceae 2 1 Capparaceae 2 2 Anacardiaceae 2 2 Sapindaceae 2 2 Apocynaceae 1 1 Combretaceae 1 1 Menispermaceae 1 1 Malvaceae 1 1 Celastraceae 1 1 Aristolochiaceae 1 1 Sapotaceae 1 1 Malpighiaceae 1 1 Rhamnaceae 1 1 Verbenaceae 1 1 Total 56 43 CUADRO 3 Analisis de valor de importancia relativa (VIR) TABLE 3 Analysis of relative importance value (RIV) Densidad Densidad absoluta Area basal relativa Especies # ind.
3), such as Icacinaceae and Dipterocarpaceae in southern Yunnan, and Dipterocarpaceae, Sapindaceae, Sterculiaceae and Ebenaceae in Hainan.
Ao Renato Aquino Zachia, Maria de Fatima Freitas, Efigenia de Melo, Jose Rubens Pirani e Marcos Eduardo Guerra Sobral pela identificacao de especies de Annonaceae, Primulaceae, Polygonaceae, Rutaceae e Ebenaceae e Myrtaceae, respectivamente; ao Walter Hammes, pela concessao do acesso a area de estudo; e a SED-SC--Art.
B [False Nut-Grass] Ebenaceae Diospyros texana Scheele B.
They're related to the true ebony tree and several tropical fruits like date plums and sapote, all members of the family Ebenaceae.
Diospyros cauliflora Blume belongs to the genus Diospyros which is a large genus of mainly tropical trees within the family Ebenaceae, many of which are economically important plants such as edible fruit (persimmons, Diospyros kaki Thunb and Diospyros virginiana L.
Under the Ebenaceae family, a single tree Diospyros peregrina was surveyed and it was Aedes positive which contained 196 Ae.
Diospyros lotus belongs to family Ebenaceae which is a deciduous tree, habituated in China and Asia.
Por suas caracteristicas florais pouco usuais entre as Annonaceae, com poucos estames e carpelos, ja esteve classificada em diversas familias, como Ebenaceae, Lardizabalaceae, Sapindaceae, Sapotaceae, e ate uma familia a parte (AGARDH, 1858).