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Ebionism, Ebionitism

the beliefs of a Judaistic Christian Gnostic sect of the 2nd century, especially partial observation of Jewish law, rejection of St. Paul and gentile Christianity, acceptance of only one gospel (Matthew), and an early adoptionist Christology. — Ebionite, n. — Ebionitic, adj.
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Schwenckfeld's polemic against Ebionism was obviously taken at face value by poorly informed contemporaries, as a result of which Luther and the heresiologists of the sixteenth century accused the Sabbatarians of deviations from christological orthodoxy.
Brown does not reduce Islam to Ebionism but insists, "legitimacy is not determined by triumph.
And while Herman stresses the existence of contemporary varieties of Christianity in the West (for example, 135), one could also comment that strands of thought similar to Ebionism, Gnosticism, and Marcionism still persist today both within and without the fold of "orthodox" Christianity, and thus such varieties of Christianity are not wholly "lost.