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Ebionism, Ebionitism

the beliefs of a Judaistic Christian Gnostic sect of the 2nd century, especially partial observation of Jewish law, rejection of St. Paul and gentile Christianity, acceptance of only one gospel (Matthew), and an early adoptionist Christology. — Ebionite, n. — Ebionitic, adj.
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In chapter 7, "Assimilation in the Development of Doctrine: The Theological Significance of Jean Piaget," he includes Piaget's model of assimilation and accommodation in a discussion of how specific cultural settings have influenced theological developments relating to Ebionitism, Pelagianism, and the Anglo-Saxon "Hero" model.
That God equals Christ is no more true than that Christ equals human; both lead to the earliest of Christian heresies, docetism or Ebionitism. The proper tension of the formula can only be preserved by the dialectical statement that God equals Christ and Christ equals human, or Christ is God-human.