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An ancient city of southwest Asia near the site of present-day Aleppo, Syria. The cuneiform Ebla Tablets, discovered from 1974 to 1975, describe a thriving third-millennium bc civilization centered around the city.


(ˈɛb lə, ˈi blə)

an ancient city whose remains are located near Aleppo in present-day Syria, the site of the discovery in 1974–75 of cuneiform tablets documenting a culture of the 3rd millennium B.C.
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The Ebla gas treatment and processing plant was put on stream in May 2010 to produce 2.
1981): Ebla, an Empire Rediscovered, Garden City, Doubleday.
Bologna, Italy) compiles the wealth of archaeological evidence gathered at the site of Ebla in Syria.
Ebla saw hyena kill her girls Yusuf Dakane and his sons Abdi and Adan were attacked by a hyena
Depending on your appetite for quirky detail, you may be delighted or irritated to learn, say, about the papal water pipes' being encrusted with lime or that the Sumerian archives at Ebla, in what is now Syria, contain 17,000 cuneiform clay fragments.
Dedica el primer capitulo a las bibliotecas de la antiguedad, a partir de la clasificacion de las tabletas de arcilla en los archivos palaciegos de Ebla y de Ninive, en particular la biblioteca real de Asurbanipal.
2 billion Ebla gas project lies in central Syria and produces a small fraction of the company's total oil and gas output.
Nabil Nusheibeh, general manager, Ebla Computer Consultancy, said: "In partnership with Microsoft Qatar, Ebla is committed to bringing the latest educational technology solutions to deliver exciting learning experiences for students across the country and transform education so that students get the skills they need to succeed in a competitive environment.
Last April, the bank channelled $20 million in EBLA Computer Consultancy, a tech firm with a regional presence, and it also picked up a 50 per cent stake in the Bahrain-based mortgage provider, Sakana Holistic Housing Solutions.
Furthermore, in April Capinnova invested $20m in EBLA Computer Consultancy, Kuwait, a leading GCC entity that is engaged in the provision of IT solutions and IT consultancy services in the Mena region.
The first is in the south of the Central region and the second is in Ebla.
EBLA was established in Kuwait in 1993, and currently has subsidiaries in Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt and branch offices in Syria, Jordan and Bahrain.