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The Semitic language of ancient Ebla.
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In the Song of Release, the freeing of the captives from another city who work as servants for the Eblaites is somehow related to provisioning Tessub, and in the annals the conquered city's slaves are freed to serve Hattusili's favorite goddess.
While here Tessub anticipates a state of affairs caused by the destruction of all humans, Tessub's suffering in the Song of Release, described so vividly by Zazalla even as he denies it (perhaps repeating the description of an earlier plea on behalf of Tessub), shows how dire the god's need is for the services of the people of Ikinkalis, who are being forced to work for the Eblaites.
These show that Tessub's suffering is caused by neglect of his cult, since the people of Ikinkalis, because they are being forced to work for the Eblaite nobles, cannot fulfil the ritual obligations owed to him and to the royal ancestor cult of Ebla; this is the reason for Tessub's punishment of Ebla.