Ebro River

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Noun1.Ebro River - a river in northeastern SpainEbro River - a river in northeastern Spain; flows into the Mediterranean
Espana, Kingdom of Spain, Spain - a parliamentary monarchy in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula; a former colonial power
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The Council of Ministers has authorized today, at the proposal of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment, the revision of the Ebro river water concession fee, granted to the Water Consortium for Tarragona's municipalities and industries for the purpose of supply of population and other industrial uses of the province.
One is near the Ebro river and the other to the Duero river and yet, their wines are so different in personality.
Upon being transplanted to fisheries like Spain's Ebro River in Western Europe, their numbers and size have skyrocketed.
in 2008 evaluated the environmental impact associated to PCDDs/Fs and dioxin-like PCBs in the Ebro River basin.
Smith, who focuses primarily on the Enchanted Boat chapter of part two, examines the way in which an innovative and abstract "view from above"--as articulated in cartographic works like Abraham Ortelius's Theatrum Orbis Terrarum--informs the cosmography that Cervantes parodies in Don Quixote and Sancho's early modern "voyage of discovery" upon the Ebro River.
He landed a week's fishing on Spain's famous Ebro river AND had a fantastic catch.
Ancient Ebro River basin mapped: A Spanish research team has used 3D reflection seismology to map the geomorphological features of the Ebro River basin as it was between five and six million years ago, during which time the Straits of Gibraltar closed and the sea level in the Mediterranean basin fell by about 1,300 metres.
Spain's reactor at Santa Maria de Garona was shut for a week in July 2006 after high temperatures were recorded in the Ebro River.
The Almoravids were a Berber dynasty that emerged from the western Sahara desert in the middle 11th century to rule practically all of the territory from the Senegal River in West Africa to the Ebro River in Spain, explains Messier (emeritus history, Middle Tennessee State U.
This study reports on a restoration project on a section of Spain's Ebro River that includes the Galachos National Reserve, where natural riparian habitats can still be found.
A striking feature of the drainage network of the Iberian peninsula is that whereas, other than some small coastal streams which flow to the north and south coasts, the main drainage is to the Atlantic; the only exception is the Ebro river which flows to the Mediterranean and whose drainage basin cuts deeply into the main watershed that separates the Atlantic flowing from the Mediterranean flowing rivers of the Iberian Peninsula (Figure 1).
In Murcia, Spain, she recently exhibited an enormous heap of rubble left over from a building demolition (The Rubble Mountain, 2008), but she has also produced a work consisting of an abandoned lot in Zaragoza, Spain, that is to be protected from development for decades (A Wasteland in Ebro River Shore, Zaragoza 2008).