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a.1.See Eccentric.
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In case of flexible CFST columns eccentrical compression using of the critical force method can lead to a very poor accuracy of calculations [9].
51) First he remarks on a democratic society, "an eccentrical society" where it is not the free and autonomous individuals who determine the stream of politics, but different groups or classes in which the individual is just a small link in a long causal chain.
But as there are certain injuries of such a nature, that some of them furnish and others require a more speedy remedy than can be had in the ordinary forms of justice, there is allowed in those cases an extrajudicial, or eccentrical kind of remedy It considers that the future process of law is by no means an adequate remedy for injuries accompanied with force; since it is impossible to say to what wanton lengths of rapine or cruelty outrages of this sort might be carried, unless it were permitted a man immediately to oppose one violence with another.