n.1.(Zool.) The European green woodpecker; - also called ecall, eaquall, yaffle.
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Letter-copying till noon, solitary dinner at your lodgings, letter-copying till evening, solitude; for you neither find pleasure in Brown's, nor Smith's, nor Nicholl's, nor Eccle's company; and as to Hunsden, you fancied there was pleasure to be derived from his society--he!
(53) XXVII: In judiais ecclesiasticis, clerici qui Lauream vel saltern Licentiam in jure canonico sunt consecuti, advocati vel procuratoris munus exercere valeant, magis enim periti clerici quam laici in rebus eccle siasticis esse noscuntur.
If you've ever had an Eccle's or Chorley cake, this is like the supersized Scottish version.
School climate comprising of superior qualities influences the intellectual abilities and social behaviors of the students (Eccle 1996).
a job Doct Wit Ame John Wh Glas hard and whe Ame The Doct was abso and incre "I k the W alwa stag and "It doin and Bar final Eccle Jack popu It r leadi spin It s team "I know a lot of casting directors for the West End stage, and they will always tell you that the actors on the stage there are the most disciplined and have the most fantastic ranges.
Whisky did him in, he started drinking it when he came here from Eccle Fechan in Scotland.
Tra ck landmarks 8ue 2008 F1 su Eccle Prix Don Lewi cheq the w upremo Bernie estone says British Grand will be switched to ington Park from 2010.
Other studies with participants of different countries found similar tendency (Greenstein, 2000; Watt & Eccle, 2008).
In all things and above all she kept her garments shining white with the virtue of charity, not allowing the oil of fraternal charity to be lacking from her head (Eccle 9:8).
Omni negotio tempus est et opportunitas, se dice en la Biblia (Eccle., 8, 6): todo quehacer es cuestion de tiempo y oportunidad.
A goal from Brian Dodsworth proved sufficient for Bedlington Terriers at Eccle shill but Seaham Red Star crashed out to Selby.