a. & n.1.(Zool.) Same as Echinoid.
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The Upper Cretaceous sequence includes (from base to top): Semail ophiolites (serpentine andserpentinized predotite), the oldest exposed rocks in Al-Ain area, Qahlah Formation (red and yellow Unfossiliferous clast-supported conglomerates of serpentized predotite, derived from the Semail ophiolites, Simsima Formation (marine bioclastics limestones with rudists, corals and echinids, it is disconformably overlies the Qahlah Formation (Hamdan and Anan, 1993).
The clasts are made of lavas, cherts, large zoned plagioclase, idiomorphic quartz and possible fragments of lamellibranchia and echinids.
Recherches sur le Dorocidaris papillata et quelques autres echinids de la Mediterranee.