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Noun1.Echinocereus - large genus of low-growing shrubby ribbed cacti of Mexico and southwestern United StatesEchinocereus - large genus of low-growing shrubby ribbed cacti of Mexico and southwestern United States
caryophylloid dicot genus - genus of relatively early dicotyledonous plants including mostly flowers
Cactaceae, cactus family, family Cactaceae - constituting the order Opuntiales
hedgehog cereus - cactus of the genus Echinocereus
rainbow cactus - a stout cylindrical cactus of the southwest United States and adjacent Mexico
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MRE [Bird's-eye Cress] Cactaceae Echinocereus reichenbachii Ho,P (Terscheck ex Walp.) F.
We found seven plant species that occurred exclusively in areas without livestock; these included scarlet hedgehog cactus (Echinocereus coccineus), West Indian shrub verbena (Lantana urticoides), bicolor fanmustard (Nerisyrenia camporum), purple threeawn (Aristida purpurea), lovegrass (Eragrostis species), tanglehead (Heteropogon contortus), and alkali sacaton (Sporobolus airoides).
Watson ex Rothr, 1878), Ecst: Echinocereus stramineus (Engelm.), Epas: Ephedra aspera (Engelm.
Fenoles del polen de Stenocactus, echinocereus y Mammillaria (Cactaceae).
The endangered Arizona hedgehog cactus (Echinocereus arizonicus Rose ex Orcutt) is threatened by high rates of disturbance in its limited geographic range (AGFD, 2003).
sneedii Coryphantha tuberculosa Coryphantha ramillosa Echinocereus dasyacanthus Echinocereus enneacanthus var enneacanthus Echinocereus pectinatus Echinocereus stramineus Echinomastus unguispinus var.
understory plants included a thin mantle of dry grasses, Broom snakeweed (Gutierrezia sarothrae), Graham's Mimosa (Mimosa grahamii), and a scattering of Palmer's century Plant (Agave palmeri); cholla cactus (Cylindropuntia sp.), Rainbow cactus (Echinocereus pectinatus), Pancake Nipple cactus (Mammillaria heyderi gummifera), and prickly pear cactus (Platyopuntia sp.) (Tom Van Devender pers comm., USDA 2012).
Echinocactus 5.6 platyacanthus Link & Otto Echinocereus cinerascens 5.01 (D.C.) Rumpler Ferocactus latispinus -- (Haw.) Br.
As for varieties, the choice is vast, but the Echinocereus group are perhaps the most popular with the Scheerii variety boasting wonderful purple/pink flowers above menacingly sharp spines.