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Noun1.Echinoidea - sea urchins and sand dollarsEchinoidea - sea urchins and sand dollars  
Echinodermata, phylum Echinodermata - radially symmetrical marine invertebrates including e.g. starfish and sea urchins and sea cucumbers
sea urchin - shallow-water echinoderms having soft bodies enclosed in thin spiny globular shells
Exocycloida, order Exocycloida - flat sea urchins
order Spatangoida, Spatangoida - heart-shaped sea urchins
class - (biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more orders
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Diademasetosum (Leske, 1778) (Echinometra: Echinoidea: Diadematidae) also known as long-spined black sea urchin, is one of the most common echinoids that widely distributed in the Indo-West Pacific Ocean especially in coral ecosystems,and have profound biological, ecological and aquacultural significance (Lessios et al., 2001; Rahman et al., 2012a).
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Mi welais hefyd weddillion ddraenog mor (Echinoidea; Sea-urchin) a phigau porffor arno wedi'i olchi i'r lan.