Echinus esculentus

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Noun1.Echinus esculentus - a sea urchin that can be eatenEchinus esculentus - a sea urchin that can be eaten  
sea urchin - shallow-water echinoderms having soft bodies enclosed in thin spiny globular shells
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These results are similar to those reported for herbivorous species of sea urchins such as Echinus esculentus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Bonsdorff 1983) and Lytechinus variegatus (Leske, 1778) (Lawrence et al.
Acid-base status in the sea urchins Psammechinus millaris and Echinus esculentus (Echinodermata: Echinoidea) during emersion.
Other species observed included ballan wrasse Labrus bergylta, common cuttlefish Sepia officinalis, spiny spider crab Maja squinado, red gurnard Aspitrigla cuculus, bloody henry sea star Henricia oculata, edible crab Cancer pagurus, jewel anemone Corynactis viridis, and edible sea urchin Echinus esculentus. In the north of Big Russel where it is sandywe also observed flatfishes such as brill Scophthalmus rhombus.
Key words.--Ascidia mentula, Ascidiacea, cytochrome oxidase 1, Echinoidea, Echinus esculentus, horizontal gene transfer, hybridization, mtDNA, 28S ribosomal RNA.
Natural growth bands and growth variability in the sea urchin Echinus esculentus: results from tetracycline tagging.
(1988) for two other species of sea urchins, Psammechinus miliaris and Echinus esculentus (pH 7.05 to 7.17).
Reproductive and nutritional periodicities in populations of the European sea urchin Echinus esculentus (Echinodermata: Echinoidea) from the English Channel.
This paper investigates the effects of waterborne stimuli on three common British species, Asterias rubens Linnaeus, Psammechinus miliaris (Gmelin), and Echinus esculentus Linnaeus.