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pron.1.Each one.
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Billy Echon, Western Visayas director of the Hugpong Federal Movement, said the Constitution and current make up of Congress are not responsive to the needs of the people.
The human being, zoon logon echon, the animal that has language, is torn between his/her animal nature and God's likeness, being in relationship with both the world and God.
Ancient philosophers described the human as a being logon echon, a living creature that "has the word.
e men all of pe lond : with him [Apeldred] heolden echon / Ase with heore prince and heore louerd : and pene dede [ i.
Cuando se trata de examinar como pueden definirse los rasgos caracteristicos de la condicion humana en general existe un acuerdo muy amplio en torno a la naturaleza social del hombre: la definicion aristotelica del hombre como zoon politikon, es decir, como animal (y, por tanto, como ser natural) social pero tambien, por supuesto, como zoon logon echon, como animal que tiene lenguaje y, por tanto, construye sus vinculos sociales por medio de sistemas simbolicos.
44) A being's essence is propter se, in-itself, kath' hauto--necessarily, not accidentally--so that 'whatness' is expressed in its formula or definition, logos (for example, the human as zoon logon echon, rational animal); but a horizon then separates, chorizo, one being from another, gives each being a place to be, chora, that which it is, and allows for transition, translation, change, movement, becoming.
La idea del hombre como ser de razon, zoon logon echon (un ser vivo que tiene razon), como lo define Aristoteles, abre una importante separacion entre el hombre y la animalidad: "A la especie humana, estable y, como todas las especies, eterna, corresponde un "agente especifico", que solo a ella conviene [.
She wept and wayled and wrong hir hondes, and made much to done, For they that loven so passyngly, such trowes they have echon.
Martin, Eng Kian Ooi, Atsudhisa Shinomiya, Sally Wong, Jessica Wu, Jellyn Anne Echon, Alexa Ehrlich, Ryan Hutchins, JaiQi Li, Cassio Mak, Jasmine Ruiz, John Ruiz, Josel Ruiz, Jeff Yalun, Ronald Yam.
Mouat Secondary School, consisting of Robert McDougall, Bradley Roger, Andrew Field, and Ezekiel Echon.
Aristotle defined humanity as the "zoon logos echon," the animal which has the capacity to think and speak.