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also Eck·art or Eck·ardt  (ĕk′härt′, -ärt′), Johannes Known as "Meister Eckhart." 1260?-1327?
German theologian regarded as the founder of mysticism in Germany. His influential works concern the union of the individual soul with God.
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(German ˈɛkhart)
(Biography) Johannes (joˈhanəs), called Meister Eckhart. ?1260–?1327, German Dominican theologian, mystic, and preacher
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(ˈɛk ɑrt)

Johannes, ( “Meister Eckhart” ), c1260–1327?, Dominican theologian: founder of German mysticism.
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Noun1.Eckhart - German Roman Catholic theologian and mystic (1260-1327)
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Can Virgie, a woman whom the town frequently defined on its own terms, ever be "all to herself?" It is significant that Virgie wrestles with these issues after articulating the value of Miss Eckhart's instruction.
Woods's book marks the 750th year of Meister Eckhart's birth--approximately speaking, since Eckhart's exact birth date is unknown.
For instance, the platoon at the center of the story is made up of Marines from a variety of ethnicities and social backgrounds: a microcosm of American society led into battle by a crusty, war-weary sergeant played by Aaron Eckhart.
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Meister Eckhart - a 13th century Dominican theologian, philosopher and mystic - wrote, "We are all meant to be mothers of God." As a child, I learned that God is my "father." So I have questioned, "How can I be a `mother' of God if God is my father/mother?"