Eclectic physician

(Paint.) See Bolognese school, under Bolognese.

See also: Eclectic

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Or you could go back to 1886, when an obscure eclectic physician, Cyrus Teed, mounted a stage in Chicago to address the National Association of Mental Health.
Eclectic physicians favored it specifically as an anti-spasmodic for bilous colic and for nausea and vomiting with preganancy, painful gastro-intestinal spasms, dysmenorrhea, indigestion and "chronic gastritis of drunkards." (1) Dioscorea has also traditionally been used for neuralgic affections, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, gallstone pain, flatulence, hormone balancing, and as a diaphoretic and an expectorant.
The herb comes from America and back in the last century there was a group of doctors called the eclectic physicians who travelled across the country, treating millions of people.