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A coarse-grained greenish rock consisting primarily of garnet and sodic pyroxene, and often including quartz, kyanite, and rutile.

[French éclogite, from Greek eklogē, selection (because the minerals it contains are not usually found together); see eclogue.]


(Geological Science) a rare coarse-grained basic rock consisting principally of garnet and pyroxene. Quartz, feldspar, etc, may also be present. It is thought to originate by metamorphism or igneous crystallization at extremely high pressure
[C19: from Greek eklogē a selection]
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At the earliest, Adakite refers to the intermediate-acidic igneous rock with unique geochemical characteristics, which is formed by young subducting oceanic crust melting under eclogite facies condition.
Relicts of the eclogite facies metamorphism are preserved as inclusions within garnet/clinozoisite and as armored grains in the matrix.
Thus, the Kaghan rocks may have undergone a history similar to that of the Swat rocks and may have already been buried, possibly to eclogite facies, prior to India-Kohistan.