Supply and demand

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oferta y demanda
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Contract award notice: Execution of services related to the protection of persons and property provided by specialized armed security formations (sufo) to the gdynia harbor port command and military units being on the economic supply in gdynia (part i), Gdansk (part ii), M hel (part iii).
It is the policy of the State to ensure a continuous, adequate and economic supply of energy.
This will enable us to deliver against our strategic objective of providing a sustainable and economic supply of gas to the UAE.
Abu Dhabi: Adnoc announced on Monday that it is focused on ensuring a sustainable and economic supply of gas for the UAE's growing demand and to help achieve this, it will access undeveloped tight reservoirs, tap into its gas caps and expand sour gas production.
This is Pakistan's time to become an indispensable part of global economy (global economic supply chain) and completion of CEPC and inclusion of regional countries will greatly enhance Pakistan's position in the region.
The financial supply curve for RE is placed above the economic supply curve, so all other aspects being equivalent, the moment of junction with the evaded expenditures of thermal generation will be at a reduced amount of RE.
The price used in step one and the quantity generated in step two provide the matching coordinates for the vertical and horizontal axis of the common economic supply curve.
Washington, Feb 28 ( ANI ): A Texas research institute has released a 10-minute video that tries to explain the mysteries of attraction in terms of economic supply and demand.
With the destruction of the tunnels, the Egyptian military has uprooted the economic supply line for Sinai's Islamist terror organizations.
These criteria," he says, "included whether the countries have similar production and trade patterns, whether economic supply and demand shocks are likely to be asymmetric across the countries and whether economic cycles are symmetric across borders.
It's an industry that JoyGlobal President and CEO Michael Sutherlin rightly described as "the start of the world's economic supply chain.
John Fetherston, Unite convener, said: "It is good news for Ellesmere Port with 700 plus new jobs and more in the economic supply chain.