economies of scale

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economy of scale

n. pl. economies of scale
The decrease in unit cost of a product or service resulting from large-scale operations, as in mass production.
mittakaavaedutsuurtuotannon edut

economies of scale

[ɪˈkɒnəmɪzəvˈskeɪl] npl (Econ) → economie fpl di scala
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This is what they mean by scalable or, more specifically, economies of scale.
Economies of scale suggest that average or unit costs decrease as the level of output increases within a given time period.
The aim of the present work is to demonstrate that economies of scale exist in nursing homes and that these economies of scale are influenced by the composition of the nursing home residents measured in terms of their care needs.
However, it failed to find sufficient integration between the Wisconsin steel and the Illinois food-packaging subsidiaries, which would have been evidenced by centralized departments that generate economies of scale and value for the corporate group members.
A smaller company is competing at less advantage because it can't take advantage of those economies of scale in operational costs.
Microeconomic studies on libraries can be classified into a number of categories: economic theory of libraries, economies of scale using production functions and cost functions, data envelopment analysis, cost-benefit analyses, cost modeling, and performance measures.
As large markets drive economic development over decades, so strong market demand is said to drive growth year to year in a very particular way: by spurring firms to achieve vast economies of scale in the production of standardized products for those markets.
While DiMicco hesitates to say economies of scale help larger EAF companies, he does say that there are some economies on the purchasing and marketing sides of Nucor's business.
As a result, economies of scale associated with leveraging the Internet's telecommunications infrastructure are available to all who wish to benefit.
Reduce risk by defining and implementing best practices for rolling out and managing more scalable enterprise-class SANs, which permit efficiencies because of economies of scale by being able to share the storage infrastructure flexibly across many Storage Accounts.
There is concern that they can turn around and use whatever savings are generated from economies of scale and return value to the shareholder as opposed to investing in the consumer's interest," said Scott Serota, acting president and chief executive officer for Blue Cross & Blue Shield.
The higher the market share the better the economies of scale for the acquiring distributor, and thus the more valuable the brands.

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