economies of scale

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economy of scale

n. pl. economies of scale
The decrease in unit cost of a product or service resulting from large-scale operations, as in mass production.
mittakaavaedutsuurtuotannon edut

economies of scale

[ɪˈkɒnəmɪzəvˈskeɪl] npl (Econ) → economie fpl di scala
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In 2015, a few governors in the region realised the need to leverage economies of scale - including tapping into the region's natural resources, markets and agricultural produce among others to change the lives of the people.
If Tesla can't make money on a $35,000 car yet, it would need far greater economies of scale to build a $25,000 car profitably.
'The integration of the administrative facilities of the four corporations will result in economies of scale and efficiency of operations,' the company said, adding that the consolidation of the assets will allow the procurement of financing and credit facilities under more favorable terms.
He said technology help to achieve economies of scale and impart productivity gains.
This is what they mean by scalable or, more specifically, economies of scale.
First, no study has looked at economies of scale in the health and life insurance industry over a long period of time.
In this process, ONGC has acquired significant mid-stream and downstream capacity and will attain economies of scale at various levels of operations.
While these don't hold in the real world, the assumption is that economies of scale looks at how a given set of inputs supply and financial capital, it becomes harder for one business to achieve higher scale if one or more competitors are already larger and have a lot of market share.
The only viable strategy for UK farms is to radically restructure the nature of production and consolidate toward larger farms so as to exploit the all-important economies of scale. This is no time for nostalgia in this dynamic global economy and Welsh family firms may be forced to merge and so cut back our ancient hedgerows to do so.
Sharma said, 'As such consolidation is a good thing and will promote economies of scale. Immediately by way of inorganic growth, business will grow substantially, then there will be some other benefits of synergies available.
Those can get you a long way, but you also MUST take advantage of the economies of scale you can achieve by working with OTFIER independent retailers--sharing ideas, best practices, concepts and opinions.
One method of cost reduction is to exploit economies of scale. Economies of scale suggest that average or unit costs decrease as the level of output increases within a given time period.

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