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n.1.The act or practice of using to the best effect.
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The economization of relations - [by which] claims are exchanged, needs negotiated, compromises enforced-destroys the pleasures of simple togetherness because it is organized according to the patterns of commercial business practice.
BTS Kit integrates with perimeter cooling, provides immediate improved cooling efficiency and is compatible with economization methods.
However, the few studies that exist have identified financial and social capital, as well as migration, water reuse and economization, as important coping resources and strategies.
Another factor, valid both for rural and urban cottage schemes, is that there would be the need to drive less from the place of residence to the place of work, leading to economization of fuel and reduction of damage to the environment.
Caliskan K and Callon M (2009) Economization, Part 1 : Shifting attention from the economy towards processes of economization.
This implies the economization of moral values of public education for the end of profitability.
Would "connected industries" - a concept of service economization of the manufacturing sector - be a driving force for service sector growth in Asia?
The Liebert DSE free cooling system is a pumped refrigerant economization system for data centers that can provide free cooling throughout much of the year in most locations.
Department of Energy national laboratories have partnered on recent projects deploying HPC liquid-cooled systems and working through energy-efficient data center designs because the locations have similar climate conditions that provide many great opportunities for air- or water-side economization.
Or, as Oliver Decker puts it: "The economization of health thus comes into view as the 'economization of the human body' .
Araqi said 60 to 100 million cubic meters will be saved a day if gas economization project is enforced.