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An anatomical representation of all or part of a human or animal body with the skin removed so as to display the musculature.

[French, from past participle of écorcher, to flay, from Latin excorticāre : ex-, off, away; see ex- + cortex, cortic-, bark, skin; see cortex.]
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(Anatomy) an anatomical figure without the skin, so that the muscular structure is visible
[C19: French, literally: skinned]
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Here and there, above this shelf, a head of Niobe, hanging to a nail, presented her pose of woe; a Venus smiled; a hand thrust itself forward like that of a pauper asking alms; a few "ecorches," yellowed by smoke, looked like limbs snatched over-night from a graveyard; besides these objects, pictures, drawings, lay figures, frames without paintings, and paintings without frames gave to this irregular apartment that studio physiognomy which is distinguished for its singular jumble of ornament and bareness, poverty and riches, care and neglect.
C'est la cachet, et meme le theme criant de sincerite creative de cette experience ayant l'evidence d'un etre ecorche par le poids du temps.
[beaucoup moins que] Ce n'est pas la meilleure facon de commencer le Tour de France, souffle celui qui a le cote droit ecorche du mollet a l'epaule.
14), can obliterate the ecorche's anatomised condition to render him/her a playful participant in the autoptic game.
I follow the classification of the drawings established by Montagu, which includes two additional groups: the ecorche heads done for Le Bruns lecture on physiognomy and copies of the drawings done by Le Bruns students.
The heroic anatomy of the workers shows a musculature informed by classical statues and ecorche models.
Heureusement pour lui et la derniere semaine du Tour de France, Contador s'est releve sans bobo, sinon un genou bien ecorche. Une fois la ligne d'arrivee passee, le double vainqueur du Tour de France (2007, 2009) a promis de remettre le couvert.
We might think here again of Vesalian anatomy, of the famous ecorche figures in the De fabrica, who were flayed of their skins in order better to exhibit their bones and muscles.