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 (ē′dəm, ē′dăm′)
A mild, yellow Dutch cheese, pressed into balls and usually covered with red wax.

[After Edam, a town in the western Netherlands.]


(ˈiːdæm; Dutch ˈeːdam)
1. (Placename) a town in the NW Netherlands, in North Holland province, on the IJsselmeer: cheese, light manufacturing. Pop: 28 000 (2003 est; includes Volendam)
2. (Cookery) a hard round mild-tasting Dutch cheese, yellow in colour with a red outside covering


(ˈi dəm, ˈi dæm)

a mild, hard, yellow cheese, produced in a round shape and coated with red wax.
[1830–40; after Edam, town in the Netherlands, where it originated]
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Noun1.Edam - mild yellow Dutch cheese made in balls encased in a red coveringEdam - mild yellow Dutch cheese made in balls encased in a red covering
cheese - a solid food prepared from the pressed curd of milk


[ˈiːdæm] N (also Edam cheese) → queso m de Edam, queso m de bola


nEdamer (Käse) m
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The captain suggested to me to visit the famous towns of Edam and.
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In his address to the ceremony the ministry organized on the graduation of its staff in the training sessions it made on the writing of reports and minutes, Edam said that the Ministry of International Cooperation has already started to implement several training programs during the past two years in order to raise the capabilities of its employees and the focal points in the relevant ministries.
Fuze, the cloud-based communications solution provider for the modern global enterprise, has contracted with Boon Edam, a global manufacturer of high-end revolving doors and access gates, which will deliver a business communications platform as part of its digital transformation program to overhaul the company's entire IT function, the company said.
Husky Energy, a Canada-based integrated energy companies, has started steam operations at the 4,500 barrels per day (bbls/day) Edam West Thermal in Saskatchewan.
Edam called the police statement a "fabrication" and called for justice.
It was a case of the Edam busters as top cheese-makers from both countries celebrated the launch of Flybe's flights to Schiphol Airport.
Yassine Ben Hassoun bagged the Dh250,000 prize money, pushing Bangladeshi Ainul Arefin and Chadian Yakhoub Edam to second and third positions.
Its stone oven-baked base, crisp on the outside and moist within, is topped with lean ham, mushrooms, Edam cheese and tomato sauce.
I think this will eventually become part of the repertoire of foods that Britons eat and some products could be a future food staple, such as Vasterbottensost cheese which could become as popular as Edam.
Another product on display at Passenger Terminal Expo was the Swinglane, a security lane with swing doors from Boon Edam.