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(Placename) a city in the central Netherlands, in Gelderland province. Pop: 105 000 (2003 est)


(eɪˈdeɪ, ˈeɪ deɪ for 1; ˈeɪ də for 2 )

1. a city in SW Nigeria. 271,000.
2. a city in the central Netherlands. 91,246.
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He commended prominent Ede sons and daughters, including friends of the ancient city for their invaluable contributions to the growth of the town, adding that they should not relent until Ede attain its pride position among the great and historical cities in Yorubaland.
Not quite a gallery, nor a museum, nor simply a house filled with wonderful things, Kettle's Yard was founded by the collector and curator Jim Ede (1895-1990; Fig.
Gemeente Ede is in voorbereiding om uitvoering te geven aan diverse gemeentelijke projecten waarbij de mogelijke aanwezigheid van achtergebleven Conventionele Explosieven (CE) uit de Tweede Wereldoorlog een rol spelen.
The EDI produced a significantly higher effect size in the measurement of bulimia when compared with the EDE ([d.
Studies of the validity of the EDE-Q have revealed high correlations between the EDE-Q and EDE in assessing the core features of ED psychopathology in general population (Fairburn & Beglin, 1994), among female substance abusers (Black & Wilson, 1996), and in clinical samples of both bulimia nervosa (BN) and binge eating disorders patients (Carter, Aime, & Mills, 2001; Wilfley, Schwartz, Spurrell, & Fairburn, 1997).
Los sistemas EDE y EVE, en 3D, se plantean mediante un sistema lineal de nueve ecuaciones, cada uno.
Richard Ede and Wayne Glaister hardly had time to break sweat after bowling the opposition out for 34, Ede finishing with 5-12 and Glaister 4-25.
Judge Ede, who gave the yob a three-year Asbo, added: "He has a great deal of 'respect' for his friends' behaviour.
We aim to build on past successes of EDE with not only a new look, but a new way of thinking to help take the company from strength to strength.
In the context of the ubiquitous Web, using HTTP as the transfer protocol for EDE makes sense.
After a hit-and-run driver left him near death in San Francisco, Piers Moore Ede had to rebuild his life on several levels.