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A prostaglandin drug, C20H34O5, that acts as a vasodilator and is used in suppository or injectable form to treat erectile dysfunction.

[Probably al(pha-cyclodextrin), sugar to which the prostaglandin is bound to increase its solubility as a drug + prosta(glandin) + (vaso)dil(ator).]
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Richard Gerver, an innovator, educator and author of several books and consultant to the UK government, will speak at the opening ceremony of the conference, while Dr Hatemi Khalifa al Hitmi, a researcher and lecturer at Qatar University and the University of Edinburgh, will be speaking at the closing ceremony of EdEx Qatar at the Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC).
The third edition of EdEx Qatar 2019, organised by Informa Tharawat, was launched on Tuesday
The first edition of the Egyptian Defense Expo(EDEX) was held in Cairo where 300 firms from 41 countries took part.
In December also, t he Egyptian armed forces signed several arms contracts with international companies during the International Exhibition for Defence and Military Industries, EDEX 2018,
Ibn Ouf has arrived in Cairo to participate in the first international exhibition EDEX 2018 (Egypt Defense Expo) which was inaugurated on Monday.
A total of 17 UAE-based companies showcased their latest military and security equipment, products and systems developed for all domains, including air, land and sea, under the National Pavilion of the UAE, at the Egypt Defense Exhibition (Edex).
Our Beirut-based Department of Trade colleagues took part in two educational forums this year in Beirut EDEX focusing on education technology with more than 13 U.K.
NNA - Caretaker Minister of Education and Higher Learning, Marwan Hamadeh, represented Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri at the EDEX 2018 exhibition organized by the Ministry of Education and "Promfair" at Beirut waterfront's "Arena Seaside" in the presence of French Ambassador, Bruno Foucher, and British Ambassador, Chris Rampling, as well as a crowd of ranking dignitaries.
More than 600 students and parents attended the inaugural GEMS Education UniConnect EdEx event held on 2 June at GEMS Wellington Academy, Al Khail.
Speaking at the GEMS EdEx 2018 event on Saturday, Chris Savard, vice-president of career and future employment architect at GEMS Education, said the gap year is becoming a trend among students.
The event is organized by ASAN Kalnullulri with the assistance of the Istanbul University (stanbul ehir aniversiteti) Edex and lB Club.
Organized by Expology Private Ltd., EdEx Pakistan will provide an ideal platform for local and international universities and colleges to promote their accredited courses - ranging from Bachelor's Degree, Post-Graduation/Masters and Doctorate Programmes.