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Noun1.Edgar Allan Poe - United States writer and poet (1809-1849)Edgar Allan Poe - United States writer and poet (1809-1849)
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Of the many verses from time to time ascribed to the pen of Edgar Poe, and not included among his known writings, the lines entitled "Alone" have the chief claim to our notice.
While Edgar Poe was editor of the "Broadway journal," some lines "To Isadore" appeared therein, and, like several of his known pieces, bore no signature.
I am a good swimmer (though without pretending to rival Byron or Edgar Poe, who were masters of the art), and in that plunge I did not lose my presence of mind.
This struck from all three allusions to Edgar Poe and Jules Verne, and such platitudes as naturally rise to the lips of the most intelligent when they are talking against time, and dealing with a new invention in which it would seem ingenuous to believe too soon; and the question of the telephone carried them safely back to the big house.
Edgar Poe the Poet: Essays New and Old on the Man and His Work.
His life is forever altered when Edgar Poe enters it.
Ned Balbo's The Trials of Edgar Poe and Other Poems (Story
On the other hand, with Edgar Poe, the same "divine plot"--both "true" and "beautiful," harmonizing and unifying the structural elements of the cosmos, which, in this way, "advance mathematically to their fulfillment" (Poe 1848: 118), governed by "the complete mutuality of adaptation" (Poe 1848: 119)--, allows us to identify the "geometrical order" of the universe:
Su obra, Edgar Poe, etude psychanalytique, escrito tributario de los postulados de Sigmund Freud (1), marcara una via interpretativa fundamental al suponer que "Las obras literarias y artisticas de los hombres revelan los aspectos mas intimos de su psique .
Muy original e interesante es la obra teatral de Manuel Genaro Rentero, Edgar Poe [sic] que dramatiza con sentimentalidad las ultimas horas de vida del poeta en una taberna de Baltimore.
Prologo a Marie Bonaparte, Edgar Poe, etude psychanalytique (1933)".