Edge play

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a kind of swordplay in which backswords or cutlasses are used, and the edge, rather than the point, is employed.

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The event was at the Jo Jingles class at The Edge Play Gym in Brighouse, which provides pre-school children an educational introduction to music, movement, singing and playing instruments.
So what character will the Edge play when he makes his debut in Kattegat?
Class topics were: Massive Edge Play, Troubleshooting the Master-Slave relationship, Deep Tissue Bruising and Impact Play, Abduction and Interrogation, Blood Sex and Steel, the Invisible Leash--guide to protocols, Floor Work--For Love/Hate Sex Pain, Putting the Sex back in SM.
They headed off to New York City last fall with one of their top young actresses in tow, looking for a cutting edge play to produce - the kind of play we could see here, before it reaches a major run on Broadway, and say "we saw it when."
Here the geometry, structure and surface material of the cutting edge play a major role as wear factors.
Use concrete footings; edge play areas with wood timbers; install soft surfaces such as licorice root, wood chips, or shock absorbing synthetic surfaces under equipment.
The group, called Baby Chums, meets at The Edge Play Gym and Cafe in Park Road, and is led by qualified nursery practitioner Maryann Cox a member of the team at the adjacent Water's Edge Children's Day Nursery.
THE Cutting Edge play was especially poignant for one student who, like Brooke Kinsella, had experienced first hand the devastating effect of knife crime.
CONCERT Bono and The Edge play at Croke in July POPULAR U2-owned Clarence in central Dublin
The semi-finals of the Fred Graham Trophy will be played simultaneously on Chester's two grounds at noon with Oxton taking on Mobberley while Alderley Edge play Hyde.
Because players who live a little more on the edge play that way too and that's the kind of entertainment that fans lap up.