Edge rail

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(Railroad) A rail set on edge; - applied to a rail of more depth than width.
A guard rail by the side of the main rail at a switch.

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Turn left, towards the A34 and Alderley Edge rail station.
The Edge rail now includes an M-LOK system that makes this rifle so slim.
The Edge rail is part of the upper receiver once it's coupled together, which is how POF can offer a continuous rail at 12 o'clock.
Today, Japan is offering its cutting edge rail technology to help us rebuild our long neglected rail transport.
Experiment 1 focused on edge rail type and rail width for honeycomb shelves because these edge materials stabilize and reinforce the panel as well as provide the substrate required to fasten the shelves to the gables of the bookcases.
Options include an edge rail conveyor, nitrogen inerting, PC interface/Windows software and enhanced printing capabilities.
Prof Madelin said rail privatisation had broken up a once cutting edge rail research facility.
Finally, the axial forces acting on the front and back edge rails and the front and back rails were 98 and 156 pounds, respectively.