Edge stone

a curbstone.

See also: Edge

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The Marble City project has tremendous investment and growth potential for entrepreneurs being based on cutting edge stone technology, innovation and services.
The concept is based on cutting edge stone technology and custom facilities to create largest and most technologically advanced industrial park for Dimension Stone (Marble and Granite) in Karachi.
Marble City is a cutting edge stone technology industrial estate, having custom facilities and first class service, it added.
80 m enclosure granite curb, 440 m facing Basalt large stone pavement-liners, 40 m concrete edge stones, 235 mA concrete paving parking lots, 580 mA concrete paving paths and squares, 30 mA concrete lawn Paving, 110 mA natural stone small stone pavement, 250 mA access roads made of asphalt, 590 mA waterborne routes ceiling.
Moving C bricks on strip foundations, manufacturing of reinforced foundations, backfilling with Mineralmischgut, making the plaster covering incl Implementation of reactive guidelines and platform edge stones.
200 m sewers PP-KG-2000 DN100-250 newly laid surfaces delicately restore (eg, gravel, water-bound routes ceiling, edge stones, cleanliness strip of gravel, BetondrEnnfugenpflaster).