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a.1.Tending to edification.
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Almazov noted, however, these preconfessional exhortations were, at least with regard to their content, "poor> both in what they had to say about the priests qualities of heart and in their general lack of edificatory ideas." See "Obraz nastavleniia uznika k serdechnomu sokrusheniiu," and "Obraz iereiskogo nastavleniia osuzhdennykh na smert' uznikov, pri izvedenii na smert' osuzhdennogo," in Chin iereiskogo nastavleniia v puti vechnye zhizni boleznuiushchikh, s prilozheniem podrobnogo po vsem zapovediam o grekhakh ispytaniia: V kupe zhe obraz nastavleniia osuzhdennykh na smert' uznikov (Pochaiv: Sviato-Uspens'ka Pochaivs'ka lavra, 1776), 39, 45 ob., 50 ob., 56 ob.; and A.
These may be divided into edificatory and motivational factors.
(54) This was then followed by the lecture on the Sentences that provided the sensus moralis (the doctrinal and edificatory basis for the work of preaching), and oral reading of the Dominican summae that were written for use in the schola.
Especially, LMI optimization approach for switched neural networks (see, e.g., [53]) may bring some new edificatory to our studying the stability criteria of Markovian jumping CGNNs.
Although after the suppression Desmond MacCarthy praised Sleeveless's edificatory value ("I know several sensible parents who have borrowed it to lend it to their children," he insists [327-328]), only two reviews appeared: while Arnold Bennett in the Evening Standard thought the novel, with its realistic dialogue, "reveals a new talent for fiction" (249), the Spectator plainly panned the book.
Kostov, who was Bulgaria's PM 1997-2001, issued an edificatory call to the GERB party to learn from the way he tackled the 1996-7 crisis he inherited when coming to power and bewailed GERB's reluctance to do so.
The author defines the reflections on the popular motif in early eighteenth-century European religious imaginary by understanding the edificatory effects of the "everyday devotion commemoration" practices (17).
AVAILABLE IN A RANGE OF FORMATS, from palm-sized octodecimos to octavos, compilations of exemplary "beauties" in prose or verse made ideal gift books in the eighteenth century; each volume was an edificatory vade mecum and together they formed an affordable library of compact classics.
Particularly interesting in the library are the personal reading books complied by the monks; these combined edificatory texts with "secular" texts whose purpose was knowledge for its own sake.
Clayton identifies several uses for theistic arguments: hermeneutical, edificatory, apologetic, and polemical.
The distinctive features of this alternative genealogy are that its preferred modes are comic, parodic, and self-referential, are hostile to moralizing, edificatory, or redemptive understandings of art, and work to human scale.