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Noun1.Edmund Wilson - United States literary critic (1895-1972)
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From Edmund Wilson to William Shakespeare, these quotes serve to give impetus to anyone searching for words of wisdom from the greats of classic literature.
CEO Edmund Wilson, said : "Sample management in the modern laboratory is driven by increasing efficiency demands.
Auden and Edmund Wilson, published such political dissidents as Vaclav Havel and Andrei Sakharov and featured some of the most influential essays of the past half-century, including Susan Sontag on photography and Joan Didion on the Central Park jogger assault of 1989.
IN JANUARY 1945 the celebrated American critic Edmund Wilson delivered a devastating attack on Agatha Christie and her whodunnit-scribbling mates.
The famously volatile friendship between the Russian novelist Vladimir NaboKov and the literary critic Edmund Wilson is a good example of how things can turn sour.
It took the American critic, Edmund Wilson, to point out that Grimes "could have been written in no other age" and that it spoke to "the blind anguish, the hateful rancours and the will to destruction" of the war years.
In the tradition of such Middle Atlantic men of letters as Harold Frederic, Edmund Wilson, and Gore Vidal, Updike was something of a war skeptic, even a Copperhead, who referred to "the dubious cause of putting down secession with force.
Carraway suggests Hemingway, whom Fitzgerald had heard about from their mutual friend Edmund Wilson.
At one point while reading Reamde, I wondered what Edmund Wilson and my father would think of the novel.
Edmund Wilson provides a level minded investigation of the scrolls and their contents and gives readers a clear understanding of their importance and their impact to all scholars, religious and secular alike.
Elizabeth Ammons, Daniel Gerould, Edmund Wilson and Leslie Fiedler, and observations by, among many others, Frederick Douglas, W.
And what work of demotic fantasy polemics would be complete without a few hearty digs at that hapless mainstream critic, Edmund Wilson, for his thoughtless dismissals of not just Tolkien ("[Wilson's] head belongs on that spike," 29), but Lovecraft ("Take that, Edmund Wilson