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Noun1.Edna Ferber - United States novelistEdna Ferber - United States novelist; author of several popular novels (1887-1968)
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Edna Ferber, Ruth Suckow, Fannie Hurst), and sometimes obscure (e.
He was close friends with many of the leading personalities of the day, including writers Edna Ferber, Ernest Hemingway, and F.
Cafe Europa provides a new Edna Ferber mystery set in Budapest before World War I, and follows Ferber across Europe on a journey to visit the homeland of her dead father.
Which Jerome Kern musical is based on an Edna Ferber novel?
Pulitzer Prize-winning author Edna Ferber was born in Kalamazoo.
Contributions from a wide array of fellow writers and publishers, including Upton Sinclair, Edna Ferber, Alfred Harcourt, Morris Fishbein, Samuel Putnam, H.
Kaufman and Edna Ferber, Three Comedies: "The Royal Family," "Dinner at Eight," "Stage Door" (New York: Applause, 1999), 131.
Edna Ferber, born in August 1885 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, seems destined to have been an outsider.
No one outside the mythical order was permitted to sit at the Round Table," said Edna Ferber (1885-1968).
In her discussion of Uncle Tom's Cabin and in chapters on the novels Showboat, by Edna Ferber, and Imitation of Life, by Fannie Hurst, Berlant traces the relationship between empathy and prosthetic embodiment.
Shafer's essays mention a host of writers and prominent figures of the early twentieth century that the reader who is not conversant with the American cultural scene of this period cannot be expected to know, such as, for example, Edna Ferber, Louis Untermeyer, Richard LeGallienne or the afore-mentioned Dickinson.