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An ancient country of Palestine between the Dead Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba. According to the Bible, the original inhabitants were descendants of Esau.


1. (Peoples) a nomadic people descended from Esau
2. (Bible) the son of Esau, who was the supposed ancestor of this nation
3. (Bible) the ancient kingdom of this people, situated between the Dead Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba


(ˈi dəm)

an ancient country between the Dead Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba, bordering ancient Palestine.
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Among the best or most representative single ballads are: The Hunting of the Cheviot (otherwise called The Ancient Ballad of Chevy Chase--clearly of minstrel authorship); Sir Patrick Spens; Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne; Adam Bell, Clym of the Clough, and William of Cloudeslee; Captain Car, or Edom o' Gordon; King Estmere (though this has been somewhat altered by Bishop Percy, who had and destroyed the only surviving copy of it); Edward, Edward; Young Waters; Sweet William's Ghost; Lord Thomas and Fair Annet.
That were to expose thee to the gaze of those dogs of Ishmael and of Edom,'' whispered Isaac, with a suspicious glance towards the crowd of knights and squires.
Violence has a history, and Schnur utilises that history; through this web of allusions, he invokes the violence of Edom against Jacob, the violence of anti-Semitic hostilities explored in Heine's poetry, and the Holocaust.
If Isaiah 63:1-6 is read in its contested and marginal post-exilic context, argues Irudayaraj, then the image of the blood-spattered Treader and the unrelenting animosity toward Edom together function as a cipher for the prophetic revival of theological and social identities of the Yehud community.
When Edom enters, his countenance and appearance are indicated in detail, but due to the "schwachen Dammern," one sees only the outlines of his body and his weapon (5:18).
The giant olive oil production center at Ekron is another example of this prosperity (Gitin 1989; 1995; 1997), and it appears that the settlements that flourished in fringe areas such as the Negev, the Judean Desert (Finkelstein 1995; Bar-Adon 1989; Lipschits and Biger 1991), and even Edom (Bienkowski 1992; Finkelstein 1995) are all manifestations of this prosperity.
How shall I render my vows and my bonds, while yet Zion lieth beneath the fetter of Edom, and I in Arab chains?
Jeremiah calls it a day of vengeance, Zephaniah a judgment on all the nations, Obadiah can't wait to waste Edom with it, and Malachi sees it as an occasion for purifying.
Consider, for example, the Book of Obadiah), and the name Edom was later used as a code word for hated Rome.
37) Edom is light upon Melka's Dec 19 red image (CML= 340[degrees]), but not especially so.
Strabag (Austria) - consortium leader; Ansando STS - Train Control (Italy); Ansalo Breda - Train Makers (Italy); Stadler Rail AG (Switzerland); SA (Belgium); Al-Ali al-Suwailim Group (Saudi Arabia); Larsen & Toubro (India); Hyder Consulting (Britain); Worley Parsons (USA) and Edom (Spain).
Num 20,14) Evidente, el autor se refiere a dos pueblos: Edom e Israel, pero utiliza el mismo vocablo hebreo para hermanos consanguineos.