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Noun1.Edouard Vuillard - French painter (1868-1940)Edouard Vuillard - French painter (1868-1940)    
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From the estate of the American Egyptologist William Kelly Simpson comes--among many other things this auction season--one of the finest paintings by the Nabi artist Edouard Vuillard remaining in private hands (Fig.
Among the founding members of the Nabi brotherhood were Edouard Vuillard, Pierre Bonnard, and Paul Ranson.
Gracias al pintor Edouard Vuillard conocio al celebre marchante y galerista Ambroise Vollard, responsable de haber catapultado la carrera de maestros como Renoir, Cezanne, Matisse o el propio Vuillard.
The French painter Edouard Vuillard (1868-1940) had a great and abiding admiration for painters of the past, most notably Rembrandt.
The Cardiff-based painter takes her influences from the British landscape painters of the mid 20th century, such as Peter Lanyon, Ben Nicholson, Graham Sutherland and Paul Nash, as well as international painters such as Georges Braque, Edouard Vuillard and Paul Klee.
1 | Q Why do you think Edouard Vuillard often incorporated design patterns in his paintings?
While Ringling's reputation justifiably rests on its Baroque and Renaissance paintings, the museum owns more than 4,000 works created after 1850, including pieces by Edouard Vuillard, Alexander Calder, Robert Rauschenberg and Frank Stella.
We would also like to urge more attention to the Asian influence on Western culture, as reflected, for example, in the paintings of Edouard Vuillard and the architecture of Greene & Greene and the poetry of J.
In addition to her commissioned work, Hansen paints landscapes, interiors and still lifes in the spirit of Edouard Vuillard.
Further leading highlights include:* Les couturiE res, 1890, by Edouard Vuillard (1868-1940), one of the seminal Nabimasterpieces which was painted when the artist was just 21 years old which isexpected to realise Au5.
Entre los artistas extranjeros destacan, a mi juicio, dos paisajes de verdes azulados de Maurice de Vlaminck y una mujer tendida de Raoul Dufy, asi como, sin duda alguna, un invariablemente hermoso Edouard Vuillard de 1923, Le Bridge.