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(ˈɛd səl)
a poor or unsuccessful product, esp. if vigorously promoted; dud.
[1970–75; after Edsel, car manufactured by the Ford Motor Company 1957–62, named after Edsel Ford, 1893–1943, U.S. automaker]
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5 points in the company of Edsel Montoya, IM Ronald Dableo, Jayson Salubre, GM Darwin Laylo and Xavier John Verdun.
com)-- When Ford Motor Company launched the Edsel in 1957, its lackluster reception has forever made the name synonymous with "failure.
The Edsel & Eleanor Ford House was among ten national historic landmarks in the country to receive a National Historic Landmark designation in November 2016.
A designer of yachts in Florida when he came to Edsel Ford's attention, Gregorie went on to have a profound impact on the Ford look.
Edsel Ballard, the woman's father, told Fox59 that his daughter "heard the window get busted and she called her husband and said I think somebody's breaking in the house.
With the opening of this studio, our clients can meet our experts and touch and feel the high-quality materials we use to bring aircraft cabin visions to life, said Chairman and Owner Edsel B.
The book is really about two men, Henry Ford and his only son, Edsel.
The Ford story centered on the difficult relationship between company founder Henry Ford, the man credited with creating mass production, and son Edsel, whose convictions about what was best for the company and the country led him to struggle against his father's antiwar sentiments and strong antipathy toward President Franklin Roosevelt.
The team was coached by PSO Faculty Member, Gamaliel Nacor and supported by volunteer parent trainers/coaches and ex-varsity college players Edsel Bringas and Alain Garcia (not in picture).
Notwithstanding Ford's impressive manufacturing record, however, the heart of Baime's story is the conflict between Henry Ford and his son, Edsel.
We are pleased to feature Robert Edsel as the Welty Gala speaker," says Andrea Stevens, executive director of development and alumni at the university.
The popular film, which has just been released on DVD and Blu–ray, was based on a book written by American historian Robert Edsel, who told 7Nights about the amazing story behind the film.