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For major works, such as the Gedichte von Eduard Morike, this history can be quite substantial, including information about the work's creation, publication, and early reception.
Eduard Morike and Karl Immermann shared some of Brentano's idealism, but their romanticized Gypsies remain tragic outsiders in a rapidly modernizing society.
HUGO WOLF'S "EIN STUNDLEIN WOHL VOR TAG," composed in 1888 on text by nineteenth century German poet Eduard Morike, is remarkable for its unique synthesis of poetry and music.
Not necessarily, says Simon, and directs our attention to Mozart on the Journey to Prague, a novella by the nineteenth-century poet Eduard Morike. Les Liaisons dangereuses is adapted for the stage, and horribly diminished in the process.
The title is a translation of a word from Peregrina by Eduard Morike, and the poem speaks of going lightly through the world.
Aside from its suggestion of romantic paintings by Caspar David Friedrich, the allegorical landscape invokes an important literary source: Eduard Morike's "Orplid," which Ahrens mentions explicitly in an afterword.
Die Schonheit des Verganglichen: Erinnerung and asthetische Erfahrung bei Eduard Morike. By JAN KONEFFKE.