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 (ĕl′gär′, -gər), Sir Edward 1857-1934.
British composer whose orchestral works include Enigma Variations (1899) and five Pomp and Circumstance marches (1901-1930).


(Biography) Sir Edward (William). 1857–1934, English composer, whose works include the Enigma Variations (1899), the oratorio The Dream of Gerontius (1900), two symphonies, a cello concerto, and a violin concerto


(ˈɛl gər, -gɑr)

Sir Edward, 1857–1934, English composer.
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Noun1.Elgar - British composer of choral and orchestral works including two symphonies as well as songs and chamber music and music for brass band (1857-1934)
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Edward Elgar era feliz complice de la creatividad, y me lo estaba demostrando.
On a not quite so prestigious card yesterday, Edward Elgar completed a notable double of his own.
The CBSCO will perform a modern classical programme built around British composers Sir Edward Elgar and Britten, and a thrilling film musical with scores from Star Wars and Bollywood hits by A.
Synopsis: During a regression to find out the reason for the unusual emotional attachment that she'd had since the age of sixteen to Sir Edward Elgar (both his music and the man himself) author Ann Merivale was knocked for six at finding herself in the life of Helen Weaver, his first fiancee.
The orchestra, which is one of Britain's longest-established music institutions founded in 1920 and whose first conductor was celebrated composer Sir Edward Elgar.
The newest addition to the outstanding 'International Library of Critical Writings in Economics' series from Edward Elgar Publishing, "Climate Change and the World Economy" is a 752 page compendium comprised of forty scientific articles generated between 1956 and 2012 in which leading experts in their fields describe, document, and analyze the impact of a global climate change upon a global and interdependent economic structure and international relationships.
He showed his finesse as he conducted the music of his countrymen: Edward German, Edward Elgar, and Eric Coates.
WHEN English Romantic composer Sir Edward Elgar was offered the post of president of the Rodewald Concert Society, based at the Philharmonic Hall, he snubbed the invitation, describing chamber music as "inadequate" and "a reproach to the musical taste of Liverpool".
The Edward Elgar composition beat other patriotic songs with 40% of the vote.
THE removal of British composer, Sir Edward Elgar, from the pounds 20 bank note is a sad day for the arts in Britain, according to a Durham University expert.
Summary: Banknotes bearing the image of England's famed composer Sir Edward Elgar will be withdrawn from circulation at the end of June.
This is intended as a companion volume to the editors' The Dynamics of Regional and Networked Industrial Ecosystems, Edward Elgar, 2009.