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Noun1.Edward Teller - United States physicist (born in Hungary) who worked on the first atom bomb and the first hydrogen bomb (1908-2003)
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Physicist Edward Teller sent a telegram to his colleagues in 1952 announcing: "It's a boy." Far from being a celebration of a new family member, the coded message heralded the first successful test of a terrifying new weapon.
Oppenheimer increasingly retreats into an inner world, while Hungarian-American theoretical physicist Edward Teller survives through black humour.
Edward Teller had supposedly revealed to her that Benham Rise could make the Philippines the richest country in the world with its vast deuterium deposits.
Robert Oppenheimer, or Edward Teller. And yet he, as much as these better known figures, made crucial discoveries in modern physics.
Wigner, and Edward Teller. Balazs Hargittai is a retired faculty member of Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary.
Their lives were not all equally exciting, but some were fascinating: There was Yakov Zeldovich, the main theoretical physicist of the Soviet atomic bomb project; Yurii Khariton, the man in charge for forty-six years of the nuclear weapons laboratory at Arzamas-16; the "autocratic" Petr Kapitsa, who founded an institute and wrote letters to Stalin denouncing his colleagues; and Lev Landau, the weapons developer admired by Edward Teller. Hargittai expertly makes comprehensible lesserknown findings in phosphorous oxidation (Nikolai Semenov), superconductivity (Alexei Abrikosov), nonlinear chemical dynamics (Boris Belousov and Anatol Zhabotinsky), organic crystal structures (Aleksandr Kitaigorodskii), and hetero-organic chemistry (Aleksandr Nesmeyanov).
Others remained lifelong advocates of nuclear supremacy, including the primary architect of the H-bomb, Edward Teller, who strongly supported President Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative ("Star Wars") to defend against a Soviet nuclear attack and further provided support toward Israel's nuclear ambitions.
in Physics from Cornell University, Colgate joined the newly-formed laboratory now named the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where he began by assisting Edward Teller and a team of scientists working on the hydrogen bomb and diagnosing the results of numerous H-bomb tests.
That is why he is called as "Edward Teller of Pakistan".
That is why he was called as "Edward Teller of Pakistan" even though he did not care for the title.
Edward Teller's response to the potential carnage from an all-out nuclear war.