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Noun1.Edward Young - English poet (1683-1765)Edward Young - English poet (1683-1765)    
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Edward Young, her Private Secretary, Sir Mark Sedwill, Cabinet Secretary, and Peter Hill, the Prime Minister's Principal Private Secretary, work behind the scenes to preserve her independence.
Meanwhile, The Telegraph reports that the country's top civil servant Sir Mark Sedwill, the Cabinet Office permanent secretary and the Queen's Edward Young have spoken on the phone in recent days in a bid to avert involving Her Majesty in the Brexit process.
We're delighted to extend our long relationship with VIAVI by providing signal processing cards for their 5G base station test systems, said Edward Young, Vice President and General Manager at CommAgility, VIAVI test systems are used by almost every base station manufacturer in the world, and by incorporating our standards-based processing boards they have been able to streamline development, and to focus efforts on customer requirements.
Year 8 pupils took part in the modern foreign languages translation bee contest, with Edward Young and Ali Naqvi winning the top two places at the school stage of the competition, earning places in the regional final.
Edward Young, Vice President and General Manager at CommAgility, said: "CommAgility has deep LTE expertise coupled with a wide range of LTE software IP, and is the ideal provider for customers who wish to take the LTE standard in new and innovative application areas such as satellite communications or other specialized networks.
Two percent is a huge excess," said senior author Edward Young, a UCLA professor of geochemistry and cosmochemistry in a (http://newsroom.ucla.edu/releases/discovery-about-rare-nitrogen-molecules-offers-clues-to-makeup-of-other-life-supporting-planets) press release on UCLA's website.
The anthology also upholds Valancourt's remit of facilitating access to previously inaccessible texts; Voller's selections extend beyond the commonplace members of the "school" in Thomas Parnell, Robert Blair, Edward Young, and Thomas Gray to include lesser-known writings from other prominent authors--such as Elizabeth Carter, James Beattie, and Robert Southey--as well as obscure works from barely known authors that may well have been forgotten without Voller's intervention.
Edward Young has written several books for Osprey, which we have reviewed.
In response, the nurse (who looked after Palmer for many years) quoted from Edward Young: 'Vain man, the vision of a moment made, / Dream of a dream and shadow of a shade.' Palmer never forgot those shadows, and for Vaughan this anecdote epitomises his deep attachment to nature and his belief in nature's complex significance for humanity, one that was often dark.
Edward Young has produced a unit history of a largely unappreciated bomb group.
Spayne, Mary O'Rourke, Margaret Berryman, Kathleen Gero, Carol Foley, Nancy Kaye, Mary Ellen Murphy, Robert Young, Edward Young, Joseph Young and Michael Young.
What is the thief of time, according to Edward Young? 9.