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 (ā-fä′tē, ĕ-fä′tĕ)
A volcanic island of central Vanuatu in the southwest Pacific Ocean. Port-Vila, Vanuatu's capital, is on the island.
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Its population of 276,244 is concentrated in the capital Port Vila on Efate Island and Luganville on Espiritu Santo.
On the island of Efate, heavy rainfall led to flooding of low-lying areas.
We sailed for Efate, New Hebrides, on the USS Zeilin early October 1943.
The 133d Military Police Platoon was organized on 1 August 1943 at Port Vila, Efate Island.
Established by the French on garden land owned by the inhabitants of Fifa, an island near the main island of Efate, Port Vila started as a center of the coconut trade and became the capital of the Anglo-French Condominium when joint rule was established in 1906.
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Vanuatu Member of Parliament, Ralph Regenvanu reported at the time, "The total population of Vanuatu is affected, as the cyclone travelled north to south, with the eye going over Shepherds, Efate, Erromango and Tanna.
Putting a halt on her job, which involves work as a self employed community worker, she will catch a plane to the nation's capital Port Vila on the island of Efate on September 26 where she will begin one month of volunteering with not-for-profit relief organisation, Volunteer Vanuatu.
Thousands of people remained homeless, with more than 3,300 still sheltering in evacuation centers on the main island of Efate and in the provinces of Torba and Penama, according to the U.N.
Pam took everything," said Philemon Mansale, the head of a large family from Mele village outside the capital Port Vila on the main island of Efate. The southern islands of Tanna and Erromango bore the full brunt of the cyclone when it barreled in late Friday, and Oxfam, the UN and CARE Australia said assessments showed widespread devastation with entire villages destroyed.