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Noun1.efferent nerve - a nerve that conveys impulses toward or to muscles or glandsefferent nerve - a nerve that conveys impulses toward or to muscles or glands
anterior horn, anterior root, ventral horn, ventral root - one of two the two roots of a spinal nerve that passes ventrally from the spinal cord and that consists of motor fibers
efferent neuron, motoneuron, motor nerve fiber, motor neuron - a neuron conducting impulses outwards from the brain or spinal cord
nerve, nervus - any bundle of nerve fibers running to various organs and tissues of the body
efferent fiber, motor fiber - a nerve fiber that carries impulses toward the muscles or glands
corticospinal tract, pyramidal motor system, pyramidal tract - any of the important motor nerves on each side of the central nervous system that run from the sensorimotor areas of the cortex through the brainstem to motor neurons of the cranial nerve nuclei and the ventral root of the spinal cord
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Briefly, the cell bodies of these efferent neurons are located at the base of the brain; their axons project to the eyes through each of the optic nerves; they synapse on to all cell types in the eyes, including photoreceptors; and their activity is controlled by a circadian clock located in the brain.
The enteric nervous system (ENS) is the third component of the Autonomous Nervous System (ANS) (Langley, 1921) because of its structure and function maintenance in the absence of central nervous system (CNS) efferent neurons (Furness & Costa, 1987; Furness, 2000; Furness, 2006).
Considering the anatomical findings, it is possible that the activation of noradrenergic neurons of the LC promotes the inhibition of neurons in the prefrontal cortex and the disinhibition of GABAergic efferent neurons in this region, which leads to the activation of the PVN and, consequently, the activation of the hypothalamicpituitary-adrenal circuit (34).
Embryonic wisdom dictates that both afferent and efferent neurons need polar lipids and ECM nutrient support to fully restore inner physician function.