egg nog

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A drink make from eggs beaten with milk, cream, and sugar, often spiked with rum or other alcoholic liquor, and sometimes seasoned with cinnamon; usually spelled eggnog. It is a traditional drink served at social gatherings during the Christmas season.

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The Frenchman soon joined the German and the sheriff in the hall, who compelled him to take a seat with them at the table, where, by the aid of punch, wine, and egg nog, they soon extracted from the complaisant Monsieur Le Quoi the nature of his visit, it was evident that he had made the offer, as a duty which a well- bred man owed to a lady in such a retired place, before he had left the country, and that his feelings were but very little, if at all, interested in the matter.
You've feasted on turkey, washed it down with egg nog - and have snoozed through the Queen's speech.
Granted Egg Nog is usually a traditional dessert drink, but this version from Angry Orchard can work easily for dinner as well.
I still love Christmas carols, still hate egg nog, and I have no problem with mall Santas and cashiers who wish me "Merry Christmas
If you have chickens, bees, and dairy animals, your egg nog can be almost completely homestead-grown.
As you know, Salmonella is associated with eating undercooked eggs or the raw eggs used in salads, egg nog and hollandaise sauces.
Indulge in delicious canapes like beef and lettuce cups, throw the best buffet in town with a show-stopping spiced gammon with plum sauce , then finish off the night with some boozy egg nog creme brulees - and maybe even a cheeky festive fruit punch.
KID FRIENDLY MICROWAVE EGG NOG INGREDIENTS: 3 tbs caster sugar 3 tsp vanilla extract 2 eggs 11/2 cup full cream milk 1/2 cup cream 1 tsp ground cinnamon (to sprinkle) 1 tsp ground nutmeg (to sprinkle) METHOD: 1.
We're still on the radio next week (and it's always worth a listen just in case we sneak some egg nog past our boss shhhhhh
This has all the charm of a glass of tepid egg nog.
Christmas With The Coopers has all the charm of a glass of tepid egg nog.
KIRSTIE'S HANDMADE CHRISTMAS Channel 4, 8pm It's now almost as traditional as egg nog and mince pies for Kirstie Allsopp to present a festive craft-making special.