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(eg) noun
1. an oval object usually covered with shell, laid by a bird, reptile etc, from which a young one is hatched. The female bird is sitting on the eggs in the nest.
2. such an object laid by a hen, used as food. Would you rather have boiled, fried or scrambled eggs?
3. in the female mammal, the cell from which the young one is formed; the ovum. The egg is fertilized by the male sperm.
ˈegg-cup noun
a small cup-shaped container for holding a boiled egg while it is being eaten.
ˈeggplant noun
a dark purple fruit used as a vegetable.
ˈeggshell noun
the fragile covering of an egg.
put all one's eggs in one basket
to depend entirely on the success of one scheme, plan etc. You should apply for more than one job – don't put all your eggs in one basket.
teach one's grandmother to suck eggs
to try to show someone more experienced than oneself how to do something.
References in classic literature ?
The magic egg-cup I usually carried about with me, and with its connivance I did some astonishing things with pennies, but even the penny that costs sixpence is uncertain, and just when you are saying triumphantly that it will be found in the egg-cup, it may clatter to the ground, whereon some ungenerous spectator, such as Irene, accuses you of fibbing and corrupting youthful minds.
I opened it softly and found Miss Jellyby shivering there with a broken candle in a broken candlestick in one hand and an egg-cup in the other.
Some one had stood a tin can upon a stone to catch the water--but the water was already running over, for the can was no bigger than an egg-cup! And where the sand upon the path was wet--there were foot-marks of a VERY small person.