a. & n.1.See Eager, and Eagre.
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He climbed and descended precipices on which vulgar mortals tremble to look; he passed marshes like the Serbonian bog,* where armies whole have sunk; he forded rivers where the current roared like the Egre or the Severn; or ventured himself on bridges that trembled under him, from which he looked down on foaming whirlpools, or dreadful abysses; he wandered over houseless heaths, amidst all the rage of the elements, with the snow driving in his face, and the tempest howling in his ears.
Dominic Egre, 43, was pictured discussing his Remembrance Day badge project with Princess Anne and was trusted with large amounts of cash.
Ambos sao caracterizados como importantes mecanismos de compartilhamento de beneficios que conectam as usinas hidreletricas as suas localidades e que tem por finalidade a inducao do desenvolvimento nessas localidades (Egre, Roquet & Durocher, 2007).
Oliver Egre, 14, plays second row and said: "I was surprised when they walked in.
(19) Esta falta de "contacto directo con los mas egre gios representantes",20 como escribiria Luis Recasens a la jae, se debe probablemente a que, aunque siguiera residiendo en Heidelberg, Weber estuvo alejado de la docencia durante casi veinte anos, con periodos muy breves, pero intensos, de actividad en Viena y Munich justo antes de su muerte, pero tambien a que los cientificos sociales y juristas espanoles iban con mayor frecuencia a otras universidades, como la de Berlin.
Morte, queste mie luci egre e funeste chiudimi or or ch'a sommo don l'ascrivo (53).
Mox pariter primo Iuuenal...., cuius nempe duos extremos carpere libros egestas commentorum nos distulit egre. Denique Terenti post dultia legimus acta, sepe suis uerbis iocundis atque facetis nos quae fecerunt risum depromere magnum.
Other Usborne 'Classics Retold' include: The CanterburH Tales, Tales of King Arthur, Wuthering Heights and Jane Egre.
This allusion to Chaucer is in fact so egre giously obvious that it is surprising that it has gone unnoticed till now, although one must emphasize that the concern here is not with whether or not there has ever been any previous scholarly notice made of the allusion in question.